Bathrooms are the most used room in the household. Between you, your family and your guests this room is used more than any other room in the home. Because its so widely used, why not make it a spa like retreat.

A luxury bathroom retreat will leave a lasting impression on your guests and give you and your home a place to clean up and provide the self-care that you deserve.

Experienced bathroom
remodeling company

Experienced bathroom
remodeling company

We work with professional designers and craftsmen to maximize your design and your living space. We start with the footprint of the existing bathroom, listen to your wants and goals, then come up with a design that meets the function and esthetic of your life. ScottWay Construction, Inc is an experienced bathroom and home remodeler.

We’ve maintained a good reputation over the years. We have a team of highly skilled experts who work hard to ensure that our clients get exactly what they want – a professionally designed and remodeled bathroom.

A great way to add
enjoyment of your
Living Spaces

We offer an in-home consultation at no expense or obligation. We use this time to understand the goals and vision for your new bathroom space. We will look at layout and flow of the bathroom. We will also help you understand your design esthetic and provide some ideas in regards to current trends. We will also help educate you on the various types of fixtures available for your bathroom.

ScottWay Construction, Inc. will help you visualize the process and desired outcome. By working with us you are gaining access to years of construction experience, design professionals and knowledge about the latest trends. We offer a full service approach to bathroom remodeling.  

Here at ScottWay Construction no detail is too small.
We are always available to assist you with your design and construction questions.