Whole Home Remodel

Whole Home Remodeling is taking an existing home and touching every room in the home. You may do a one room remodel, like a kitchen or bath, or you may choose to update the entire house. This starts with a design concept. We help you come up with an approach and schedule to perform your home transformation.

A whole home remodel is great when your home is lacking modern finishes and layout. With enough time, any property will suffer some functional obsolescence because the way people live changes with time. 

Today is the best time
to change and remodel

Today is the best time
to change and remodel

At ScottWay Construction, Inc. much of our major renovations consist of opening up the floor plan, and allowing the kitchen and family living area blend into one. In addition, cabinetry can be updated, newer, more efficient fixtures can be added. Many of our clients also change out the flooring, windows, doors and paint. Or perhaps there is an architectural feature on the exterior that has always bugged you. An exterior remodel can also be included in a whole home remodel.

There are situations where a major renovation makes sense. Here are a few examples:

  • Inherited an older home that you wish to update
  • Your family unit is growing
  • You want to sell your home, but first you want to remodel to maximize the sale value

Ready to start
with your new home?

To begin your whole home remodel, start with a call to ScottWay Construction, Inc. We offer an in-home consultation at no obligation. By conducting an in-home consultation, we can see the physical space and how we might be able to help transform it. It’s important we understand your vision as it relates to your space. 

We can help you with simple cosmetic repair or do major structural work and add square footage to your home. We work with skilled architects and designers to help accomplish your vision. We are frequently asked, “When is the best time to get the contractor involved?” Our best answer is as soon as possible. We ideally like to be involved on the design phase because we can often help our clients save money and headaches.

Let us help you reach your home’s vision.

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