Remodel to Sell

If HGTV has taught us anything, it’s that fixed up homes sell for big profits! What use to be information privy to real estate professionals and investors, is now main-stream knowledge. The term flipping has become well known and has fueled our real estate industry. So if you are considering selling your property, and its not in ideal condition or up to contemporary styles, consider fixing up your home and flipping your own property. Financially benefit from flipping your own home. ScottWay is in a unique position to help you with this task. As a real estate and construction company we know exactly what to fix up for your best return.

Keys to keep in mind
when remodel to sell

Keys to keep in mind
when remodel to sell

The goal is not to do a whole home remodel, unless your home is in really bad shape. Typically the best way to benefit from flipping your own home is by updating key aspects of your property to current tastes. It’s also important to resolve any maintenance issues and give it an overall clean appearance.

Here are some areas that bring big returns for your future listing:

  • Updated flooring
  • Updated bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Updated countertops and cabinetry
  • Updated millwork
  • New Paint

Start today with
a real change of your home

ScottWay Construction, Inc. offers an in-home consultation at no obligation to discuss the best way to update your property for sale. We will start by evaluating the current condition of your property and what your sales goals are. Based on this information we will be able to provide a customized plan for your property. We also help establish current value as well as fixed up value so we can determine how much money should be spent on your renovation.

Why let someone else benefit from the sale of your home. Call ScottWay Construction, Inc for more information about fixing up your property for sale. Financially benefit from flipping your own home.

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