Selling Real Estate

Whether you are ready to sell or are just looking for some information, we are here to help answer your questions and help you make the best decision for your goals.

There are many different factors that make up a successful home sale. Some of the most important factors are as follow; price, speed of sale, smooth transaction management, negotiations and state disclosures are just some of the important factors of a property sale. Which is most important to you?

For most, its all about the price. The best way to determine what you can sell your property for is through a free home analysis. This is where our experienced team meet with you, walk the property and go over the recent sold listings in your neighborhood to determine your home’s value and what you can sell it for.  This approach is far more accurate than Zillow, Trulia and the other automated valuation sites. These sites are great to get a general idea, but can be very inaccurate because at best they are just a guess about your home’s value.

At ScottWay Capital we know your needs are unique to you and your situation. Here are some reasons why past clients decide its time to sell their home with ScottWay:

  • Your family has outgrown its current home, and you need to organize a way to sell your property
  • You have a rental property and are ready to sell and trade up into a larger investment.
  • Your job is taking you out of the area and you need to begin your transition by selling your San Diego Home.
  • You have inherited a property and you are ready to sell it.
  • Your children are gone and you are ready to down size

Whatever your plans are we want to help you come up with a plan that fits your life goals

Because we are a real estate and construction company, we can help you evaluate the best way to sell your property for the most money. We have programs available that help you renovate your home prior to resale. Short on cash? No problem – in some cased we can finance the project or help secure bridge financing. Our program helps you fix it up, we sell it and you profit. That may be as simple as a good cleaning and staging the property. Another option is painting and updating fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen. Some light landscaping could also bolster your home’s curb appeal and its value. Everyone’s situation is different. Contact us and we can provide a free analysis of your property based on your goals.

Here is a summary of what we do:

Understand your personal goals

Determine property value by looking at sold homes in your neighborhood

Stage and ready your property for sale

Blast out your home via direct sales, digital marketing, and print marketing

Find a qualified buyer who can actually close

Manage the sales transaction from start to finish

Insure escrow is closed, your liabilities get cleared and you receive your funds

We market your property in 3 major ways.
We accomplish this through direct sales, digital marketing, and print marketing.
Here is what we do.

Direct Sales

Directly to Buyers and their Agents

We have a network of Buyers who are ready to purchase and could be a great fit for your property! We also meet with other Agents who are actively working with Buyers in your zip code. This is a great way to get the proper exposure and sell your property. We can introduce your home for sale to thousands of Buyers and Agents. It only takes one!

Digital Marketing

The internet brings real buyers

Many buyers are using sites like Zillow, Trulia, and We make sure your listing is seen on these sites and thousands of other private real estate sites. Because of buyer trends, you need an agent that know the right outlets to market your property. In addition to the internet, we also promote your property on Facebook and Instagram. We can target buyers who are looking for properties just like yours.

Print Marketing

A new look to advantage

In addition to direct sales and digital marketing, we also take advantage of print advertising. We send out mailers and postcards to key demographics. This off line strategy helps support and reinforce the opportunity in a particular neighborhood.


The best way: professional team

We work with top notch escrow and title companies. Our Transaction Coordinators are the best and the make sure that all of the disclosures and paperwork are in order. We also work with professional photographers and tradespeople to put forward the best-looking property possible. We also employ excellent marketers and printers to communicate and advertise your property. Our team of highly effective professionals work together to help sell your property.

Remodel to Sell

A new opportunity

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ScottWay Capital is a perfect choice.
We are committed to fulfilling your goals. With our diverse background in real estate we are able to meet your needs and evaluate your situation so you can move forward to the next chapter of your life.