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At ScottWay Capital we offer a full service turnkey operation for our investor clients. With years of experience in property management, real estate and construction we can best help achieve our client’s investment goals.


We make owning your property as simple as we can. You receive monthly statements and funds are directly deposited in your account. Sit back with peace of mind that your investment is being properly managed.


We take a property that requires active management and turn it into a passive source of income for our clients. Our goal is to alleviate any headaches from you actively having to manage your property. You can confidently rely on the ScottWay Capital team.


We guarantee that if we place a tenant and it results in an eviction, we will waive our leasing fee on the re-rental of your property. In addition, we also guarantee that you do not have to pay for our management services until your property is rented.

No Long Term Contracts

We offer a no risk commitment to our clients by offering a month to month agreement. You can cancel our services with a 30 day notice.

Special Offer for New Property Management Clients Only

Manage operations, maintenance, and property management

We are a family real estate company, so we know the value of being in a comfortable, quiet, accessible home, where each day represents a lasting experience. We take care of offering you the best places.

We previously inspect the buildings, the ground, the access roads and the neighborhood.

The first focus of the company is to provide you with a better quality of life and help you build spaces in which you love to be

We design proposals to provide
you with support in all aspects
of your property management.

Let us design one for you!

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Owner FAQs

Find out the answers to questions about property management and other useful frequently asked questions.

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Top Questions: Do you still have one? We answer it

  • There are multiple factors that will determine rental rates for your property. Some of these include, location, size, bed and bath count, condition, and terms offered.
  • Schedule a phone meeting to discuss your properties features, and we can give you an estimated rental range based on your input.
  • A skilled management company will handle all the details and headaches while you collect a consistent check. It allows you to take a more passive role and spend time on those things you enjoy doing. It also allows you to enjoy the benefits of property ownership when you don’t live in the area.
  • A good management company will thoroughly screen prospective tenants and find one that best fits you.
  • An informed management company helps you stay aware of the most recent changes that could affect your investment.
  • We market your property on the top rental sites to give your property maximum exposure
  • We are a full service management company. Our monthly fee includes monthly accounting of all income and expenses, maintenance calls and tenant communications. Leasing the property is a one time fee charged upon leasing the property.
  • Generally speaking we hold onto the deposit in our Trust Account. This is disclosed to the tenant and the deposit is held safely until the tenant moves out.
  • No we do not. As long as the property is being advertised for rent, we do not charge a monthly fee.
  • Because of years of experience in construction and real estate, we really understand how to prepare a home for rent to achieve maximum results. We work with a list of skilled tradesman to complete your project and prepare it for rent.
  • The major things that need to be accomplished when preparing your property for rent are removing all items from the home, paint walls and trim, give it a deep cleaning including flooring, verify all systems are working correctly, comply with all required smoke alarms and CO detectors and lastly tend to the yard.
  • We send out Owners’ checks on the 20th of each month.
  • We work with a local law firm that specializes in handling evictions.
  • Every month you will receive an Owner’s Statement published to your online portal that will show all accounting for your property.
  • First, we work with the tenant to try to understand the nature of the problem. Then depending on what we find we dispatch a tradesman to investigate and resolve the issue. For anything above $250 we contact you for approval. Anything below $250 we handle the repair and make sure its done quickly. Either way you will receive communication regarding the repair.
  • Tenants are responsible for clogged drains in which they caused and any damages they cause outside of normal wear and tear.
  • Once the property is rent ready it usually takes 3 weeks on average to rent and secure a tenant.
  • It’s a 3 step tenant screening process. We run a full credit report to determine tenant liabilities, analyze and verify their income, and conduct a detailed background check.
  • We inspect property once a year.
  • Yes, there will always be someone present during all prospective showings. We want to make sure your vacant property is being taken care of.
  • We hold the equivalent of one month’s rent. If you allow pets, there is an additional pet deposit collected unless the tenant is in the military.

We design proposals to provide
you with support in all aspects
of your property management.

Let us design one for you!